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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Roselle Park Le Conte's Sparrow, 23 Sept

Well, this morning my quest for Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow got a little closer to its target. Dave Slager, Rick Brigham and I had an adult Le Conte's Sparrow in Kent County- at Roselle Park, around 9:15-9:35 AM. It was in the western central portion of the park, far from the paved trails- about 150 yds north of the south trail and 200 yds west of the central paved trail bisecting the park. Here is a map of the approximate location.
See my prior post for the google map link for directions to Roselle Park, but it's east of Grand Rapids about 6 miles on the west bank of the Grand River. Here are my 2 best photos of the bird. If you go, be prepared to be patient; its was quite a skulker. Walk patiently through the thick grasses for a slow flier, pale above, with short tail. It landed in a 15 foot tall willow tree and was rather confiding once we stopped walking around.

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