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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Update on Ross's Goose candidate, March 12

The bird spent the night at the 100th St flooding in Caledonia with the 11 Greater White-fronteds, and I got much better looks at the Ross's this morning, March 12. It does indeed appear to be a pure Ross's (or within variation of what we define as pure Ross's currently, more accurately stated!). Here is checklist, video, photos, and discussion:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ross's Goose candidate

Getting straight to the point: here is try #2 at adding Ross's Goose (ROGO) to my county list. The first attempt ended with a bird that may or may not have been a pure ROGO, that we just let go (see and ). 

This bird was found by myself and Josh Haas this evening with a group of Canada Geese and 11 Greater White-fronteds (see ) and unfortunately the light was getting dim and the bird was probably 1/4 mile out from our closest vantage, and it was windy. All of which made studying the details of critical facial morphology difficult. In life, it appeared to have a straight edge to the bill/facial interface, no grin patch, obvious blue coloration at bill base. The only thing that seemed at all of concern (and I am not sure that this is of concern) is that the angle of the straight bill base at times appeared to be slightly diagonal, with the top of the bill slightly posterior in position to the bottom of the bill. In other words, the facial/bill interface was slanted slightly inward toward the bird's body. 

I would appreciate opinions on whether this bird is countable, and plan to try first thing in the morning again, as the bird seemed to go to roost at this location.