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Friday, April 22, 2011

Eared Grebe at Reed's Lake

I barely know what to say anymore. Ask and ye shall receive? That was about what it was like to pull up at Reed's Lake this evening, literally scanning through the Ruddy Ducks saying to myself "how about an Eared Grebe, please?," when this came into my view:

The bird then proceeded to spend the better part of an hour along the west shore of the lake, within 30 feet of me several times. These are unquestionably the best photos I've ever gotten of this species, normally wary. Maybe I need to start asking for Ross's Gull instead...

WHAT a year it has been- Kent tick #232 and counting!

1 comment:

Jerry Jourdan said...

Brilliant captures, Caleb! I wish I were that fortunate w/ the Horned Grebes on Lake Erie, but distance and wind were my nemesis!