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Saturday, January 20, 2007

More Black-throated Gray photos, Jan 20

A few new sighting locations from today- the bird possibly crossed south of Leonard St on at least one occasion, and it also almost reached the north end of the parking lot. At times it disappeared for up to 60-90 minutes, but always reappeared. Here is the most up to date map of its known home range.
This morning (Saturday) saw the biggest influx of people to see the warbler yet- at least 25 people as of 11AM. Another 20+ came in the afternoon, and as far as I know everyone was successful. Here is a group from the Detroit area.The bird was discovered at 8:20AM, seen briefly then disappeared heading south along the river. It wasn't refound until nearly 9:45AM, when intrepid birders watching the cattails 200 ft north of Leonard St found it skulking like a Sharp-tailed Sparrow. It them put on a show, heading north through the corridor all the way to the yellow building, then flying over to the pines on the west side of 1345 Monroe, where I snapped my two best shots of the bird in 3 days.
I returned briefly in the afternoon, and given the excellent lighting (sun out in full force, unlike the past two days) I was able to capture these beauts:

The bird still has not found my mealworms, suet or seeds, which are in the platform, and in three or four scrapings I created underneath the bushes, near and just south of the feeders about 20 ft. I also added a pile underneath the box elder next to the dumpster, as the bird has been seen foraging in that tree at least 3 times at length.


willowweezie said...

Hi Caleb:

Tim K. just left my store (J.J. Cardinal's, in Grand Blanc) with a birdseed purchase; he told me about your amazing find. Thank you for posting the information and location of the bird.

Have you considered scrubbing suet into the crevices of the tree bark for the bird? I have observed b&w warblers feeding off trees I have scrubbed.

Louise Dawson, Owner
J.J. Cardinal’s Wild Bird & Nature Store

Phil said...


Thanks for the opportunity to spend some wonderful and memorable time with my daughter (9). On the ride home I asked what was the best part of the trip and she said “Seeing the bird”. Thanks again for sharing your time and energies with so many folks.

Norm Zylstra