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Sunday, January 21, 2007

R.I.P. Black-throated Gray Warbler

Unfortunately, the carcass of the warbler was found this morning by Tim Baerwald, who diligently scoured the area all morning trying to find it (nice work Tim). He found it at 10:40 AM underneath the 3 small firs outside my office window, about 30 feet from where I first found the bird. The specimen has been weighed (crudely, using a manual postage scale) and estimated to be approximately 9.6 grams. It has been frozen and will be given to the UM Museum in Ann Arbor for preparation.

We are all bummed this happened, but given the bird's inability to find the food we placed for it, and the bitterly cold temperature, it is not all that surprising.

This was truly a once in a lifetime find, and I will never forget our little encounter.

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